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Auto Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Here in California, we get more warm days in the year than most, and having a working air conditioning system in our vehicles is a must. Getting stuck in the Cali heat without A/C can be unbearable, especially if you have other passengers in the car. As soon as you notice that your vehicle’s A/C isn’t working properly, an inspection and service is recommended to catch any issues early on.

R & R Auto Truck Repair in Shasta Lake, CA is your one-stop shop for all of your vehicle’s services and repairs, including A/C repair. Our ASE Certified Technicians work on all vehicle makes and models, including trucks, RVs, and diesel, and can get to the bottom of any A/C issue. Vehicles aren’t equipped with warning lights to indicate problems with your air conditioning, so the best way to catch an issue early is to pay attention to any strange symptoms or lack in performance.

Any of the following symptoms can indicate a car A/C problem:
  • Air isn’t blowing cold
  • No air blows from vents
  • Strange noises or unpleasant smell coming from vents
  • Visible leak underneath the vehicle

If you notice any of the problems listed above or have other concerns about your vehicle’s air conditioning, look no further than R & R Auto Truck Repair in Shasta Lake, CA, for fast and friendly service. Give us a call or request an appointment today!